Stone & Marble Cleaning

Floors and tiles constructed out of travertine, natural marble and limestone will definitely add to the aesthetic appeal of any home. But these materials are porous, meaning they are more prone to staining more so than some other flooring materials. Nu Stone Care provide a professional Stone & Marble Cleaning service to Sunshine Coast residents. Get in contact with us today.

Can you remove marble stains yourself at home?

While you may be able to get some stains out at home, it is strongly recommended to seek the help of a professional marble/stone cleaner to ensure that you are not only removing the stain but protecting your floor from damage and stains in the future.

Nu Stone Care are the Sunshine Coast's go-to professionals for stain removal from marble, travertine and limestone. Get in touch today.

How Do You Remove Dirt & Oil From Your Stone Or Marble Floors?

While marble and other stone flooring materials are pretty durable, they are more often selected for their alluring qualities. Over time, spillages, pets and constant foot traffic can stain your stone flooring and cause a build up of dirt and oil. Nu Stone Care will deeply clean your flooring and remove the excess dirt and oils. Contact us today for more information.

Nu Stone Care services the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

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